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The amount of support we have received since Dorian is beyond amazing. THANK YOU. Due to the conditions, we want to try to answer the questions as best as we can. These questions have come via all of our social media networks. 

1. How can I get the status of my relative/friends in Abaco? 

HTVFR are doing the best they can to account for everyone on the cay. Currently, we are monitoring this from Charleston so we are not in Hope town. We have relied on WhatsApp messages, Instagram, etc. to get the amount of info we have so far. Each day, we are thankful to receive more information. Like you, we are antsy but know those in Hope Town are doing their best in so many ways. There are several Google docs and websites that can assist you in looking.

2.  I want to help now, what do I do? 

Right now HT/Elbow Cay is uninhabitable. Only professional personnel are allowed on the island. The construction-based supplies are making their way here but due to the debris in the water and lack of docks, the delivery process is a work in progress. We are working with the Hope 4 Hope Town gofundme along with donations for the HTVFR. We do ask that when researching donations to Hope Town please keep an eye out for scammers. Sadly, there are false accounts out there.

3.  We have reservations for an upcoming trip there. What are our options for rebooking?

Currently, there is not a direct timeline of when Firefly Sunset Resort, Hope Town or Abaco will be functioning. Please have patience and a member of our staff will contact you. 

4. Should I pack up my boat with supplies and head that way? 

Not at this time. 

From Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue on 9/06/2019 – HTVFR Command has confirmed that all non-essential personal have been evacuated to Nassau via fast ferry Lady Daisy.

The boats will be returning to Nassau from Hopetown. We do not yet have a list people on those boats.

There are NO more evacuations for Hopetown.

There will be NO more evacuation vessels to Hopetown. Repeat, NO MORE VESSELS TODAY OR IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS for Hopetown.

Hopetown is asking all boats carrying materials to stay away for the day. Once again, Hopetown does not want any vessels with materials coming in today.

Please be advised HTVFR Command will be monitoring Channel 16.

Once we know when this is lifted, we will let you know. 

We do ask that you continue to gather donations like cleaning supplies, construction supplies, medical supplies, food, diapers, solar powered chargers, fans, etc. and water so that over the next weeks they can come to us. This hurricane relief for Abaco is not a sprint, it is a marathon and you are making a difference.

9 Responses to “Some Answers”

  1. Sarah Anne Summers

    Hey D , Wanda, Anton, Daphne, any other Mackeys there. Just know we love you dearly you are our family…weve said mega prayers n asked for blessings. Your surviving are our prayers answered n our blessings. I love you so very much. We will have this wedding!! Just a minor Klitch!!! XoxoxoSA

  2. Bruce Wemple

    We are praying for all of you have made a donation to the Hopetown volunteer fire departments go fund me page sent it out to all my business associates as well as friends. Please keep us informed thank you and may God bless

  3. David Bauschard

    Gods speed to you good people, my wife and I have the same Love and care for the good people of Antigua and Barbuda. Many are in your thoughts and prayers!! Stay well, KEEP MOVING FORWARD ☮️❤️ David and Marcie Bauschard Columbus OH

  4. Rebecca and Terry Wiler

    Thank you so much for the update. We are from Stuart and have been going to Sea Spray for 30 years and want to help more. We have donated with SIP and Patrick Price (day maker charters), but his effects are on other islands, although Marsh is included. Our small contender is or was at the boat yard in MH. We really want to help! We have a 55 Viking and a plane. It kills me our friends with homes at GT at able to go and help. Please let us know when it is safe. If you run into Richard, pls tell him Triple Net, Saving Grace, and Shockwave and will ask many more, are willing to help. Firefly is special too to us, as we almost purchased the property before you. God Bless and be safe, Rebecca

  5. Angela & Brad Smith

    First & Foremost we are glad that you & yours survived this horrendous disaster. We are working hard in Ponte Vedra Beach getting supplies to the Abacos. Has Hopetown received anything? You can take care of our future reservations & refunds in s few months don’t worry about that. Is there anything you need that hasn’t been published ? We want to help however we can. God Bless You 👍🏻🙏🏻💖🇧🇸

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