Post Dorian

Hope Town is currently in the rebuild phase from the wrath of Hurricane Dorian on September 1, 2019. Although it may look a bit different, the tight knit community and spirit of the locals remain the same, and the beaches and waters are beautiful as ever!

Power has been restored to some parts of the island, with others using generators or solar panel systems.

There are three local food stores open on island, including L.V.A, Harbor View Grocery, & Vernon’s Grocery (where Vernon is still selling his famous homemade bread and Key Lime Pies!) Liquor stores currently open are Lighthouse Liquors (relocated to the former Sip Sip location) and Cap’n Jack’s Wholesale Liquors.

All Golf Cart Rental companies are reopen, as well as a handful of boat rental companies. Fishing and Snorkeling charters can also be arranged.

Unfortunately the local attractions, which included the Museum, Library & Lighthouse are currently closed. However, repairs are quickly underway to restore these historical sites back to their former glory and reopen.

The beaches and waters are untouched and still breathtaking, with even increased marine wildlife, setting the perfect environment for snorkeling and fishing.

Hope Town still has the island feel we all know and love, and welcomes back our friends and family.