Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue Request for 9/6/19

The HTVFR is working diligently. They posted these requests on their Facebook page. Please note this is only temporary. We will post when more information is available.

Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue

43 mins · 


Response to our fundraising efforts has been overwhelming – literally! Your generosity has overtaxed our PayPal account and we are working to find more effective and efficient ways to collect donations. 
Please hold off on donations through PayPal at this time. We will be providing new funding mechanisms in the next few days.

Thank you all for your generosity!!

Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue

2 hrs · 

9.6 10:24

HTVFR Command has confirmed that all non-essential personal have been evacuated to Nassau via fast ferry Lady Daisy.

The boats will be returning to Nassau from Hopetown. We do not yet have a list people on those boats.

There are NO more evacuations for Hopetown.

There will be NO more evacuation vessels to Hopetown. Repeat, NO MORE VESSELS TODAY OR IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS for Hopetown.

Hopetown is asking all boats carrying materials to stay away for the day. Once again, Hopetown does not want any vessels with materials coming in today.

Please be advised HTVFR Command will be monitoring Channel 16.

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