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PERC Inc. is a not-for-profit U.S. corporation created in 1998 to support the philanthropic work of charitable and community organizations in Abaco, Bahamas (specifically, Hope Town, Man O’ War and Marsh Harbour), and to enable U.S. tax payers make tax deductible contributions to their preferred Abaco charities. Learn more about PERC here.

How To Donate/Help Hurricane Relief

Dear Friends of the Fly,

Thank you so much for the outpouring of support you’ve shown us since Hurricane Dorian. We’ve received several questions from concerned guests and friends about various topics and thought we’d take the opportunity to address some of them here. 

We are very fortunate that all of our employees as well as their families have been accounted for. Right now, helping them get settled and see a path to move forward is our biggest concern. 

We are also spending our time supporting the relief efforts of the responders and community volunteers working around the clock, turning our kitchen into a place where they can come to get some food as they work to get Hope Town to a place where we can begin to rebuild. 

It’s our goal to do all that we can to rebuild Firefly Sunset Resort and begin to welcome guests again by next spring or summer. Still, the dust hasn’t quite settled enough yet to confirm this timeline is even possible.

For those of you who had plans to stay with us before then, we are more than happy to refund you as soon as we are able to do so. However, communication is still limited on the island and we are currently unable to access or use any of our reservation systems. Your patience is appreciated immensely during this difficult time. As soon as we are able, we will reach out to you directly to process your refund. 

If you’re interested in supporting relief efforts benefitting our friends, family, and neighbors here in Hope Town, please consider these Firefly approved donation sites:

If you are in the Charleston area, stay tuned to our social media pages for information on future drop off locations as more trips down to Hope Town are scheduled. 

From Ann & Jim Irvin

Hello Firefly family. We, along with all of you, sat stateside and watched in horror as Dorian destroyed the beautiful Abacos. We have been worried sick about our staff and friends there. We are happy to say all souls are accounted for, thank you Lord! We have not been posting much because there is so much information that needed to be filtered after speaking with Lorenzo and people physically on Hope Town. Now we are ready to let you all know how best to help. This is going to be a long road to rebuild but we are up for the challenge!  Our family is committed to Firefly, Hope Town and helping our staff put their lives back together. We will always be a Firefly family! We will be keeping our website and social media sites updated with all of our progress. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We are overwhelmed with you love, support and encouragement.


Ann & Jim Irvin

  • If you cannot help with this trip but still want to in some way in the future, please email with “HELP PROVIDED” written in subject line. In email, please list your name, best contact info, where you are located and specifically what you can help with. The more specific, the better. 

Some Answers

The amount of support we have received since Dorian is beyond amazing. THANK YOU. Due to the conditions, we want to try to answer the questions as best as we can. These questions have come via all of our social media networks. 

1. How can I get the status of my relative/friends in Abaco? 

HTVFR are doing the best they can to account for everyone on the cay. Currently, we are monitoring this from Charleston so we are not in Hope town. We have relied on WhatsApp messages, Instagram, etc. to get the amount of info we have so far. Each day, we are thankful to receive more information. Like you, we are antsy but know those in Hope Town are doing their best in so many ways. There are several Google docs and websites that can assist you in looking.

2.  I want to help now, what do I do? 

Right now HT/Elbow Cay is uninhabitable. Only professional personnel are allowed on the island. The construction-based supplies are making their way here but due to the debris in the water and lack of docks, the delivery process is a work in progress. We are working with the Hope 4 Hope Town gofundme along with donations for the HTVFR. We do ask that when researching donations to Hope Town please keep an eye out for scammers. Sadly, there are false accounts out there.

3.  We have reservations for an upcoming trip there. What are our options for rebooking?

Currently, there is not a direct timeline of when Firefly Sunset Resort, Hope Town or Abaco will be functioning. Please have patience and a member of our staff will contact you. 

4. Should I pack up my boat with supplies and head that way? 

Not at this time. 

From Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue on 9/06/2019 – HTVFR Command has confirmed that all non-essential personal have been evacuated to Nassau via fast ferry Lady Daisy.

The boats will be returning to Nassau from Hopetown. We do not yet have a list people on those boats.

There are NO more evacuations for Hopetown.

There will be NO more evacuation vessels to Hopetown. Repeat, NO MORE VESSELS TODAY OR IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS for Hopetown.

Hopetown is asking all boats carrying materials to stay away for the day. Once again, Hopetown does not want any vessels with materials coming in today.

Please be advised HTVFR Command will be monitoring Channel 16.

Once we know when this is lifted, we will let you know. 

We do ask that you continue to gather donations like cleaning supplies, construction supplies, medical supplies, food, diapers, solar powered chargers, fans, etc. and water so that over the next weeks they can come to us. This hurricane relief for Abaco is not a sprint, it is a marathon and you are making a difference.

Raise the Flags – Abaco Strong

Thank you to Abaco Buzz for this photo. Be sure to follow them at and on Instagram.

Contact INFO

For all hurricane related information at Firefly, please email Thank you and God Bless!

Ways to Help Hope Town

Special thank you to Patrick Davis and company who created Hope 4 Hope Town Fundraiser on – he’s been one of our biggest cheerleaders for years – and introduced our little paradise to so many. Here’s the details from the gofundme:

Patrick Davis and 3 others are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Roger Jennings Davis Memorial Fund Inc (Roger Jennings Davis Memorial Fund).  Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Hope Town needs us guys… Dorian has absolutely devastated Hope Town and the islands around Abaco… I know for all of us watching from afar this has been one of the more heartbreaking 24 hour stretches  ever endured and I cannot even imagine what the people of Hope Town, Marsh Harbour, Guana and the rest of the islands have gone through since yesterday morning (and will go through for many many days, weeks, months & years to come)…

While news & pictures are slowly trickling in…  we do know a damage assessment and roll call is happening right now in Hope Town… the Hope Town Fire & Rescue is working as hard as they can on all of this… we also sadly know the following…

Sea Spray – Gone
Abaco Inn – Gone
Firefly – 4 House Gone… Dock Gone… Bar Area Close to Gone…
Harbour Lodge – Collapsed
Downtown Hope Town – Over Half House Destroyed… 
No trees… nothing green… houses all over island gone… debris everywhere… roads washed out & island split in two from dunes being breached.

Thank you guys so much & every little bit here will help… $5, $10, $10,000 it doesn’t matter just know it will help.   ALL 100% tax deductible.

We Love You Hope Town!
Patrick Davis ~ Songwriters In Paradise

Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall on Elbow Cay

When I (Ryan Nelson) first posted about Firefly Sunset Resort closing due to Hurricane Dorian, the initial poster created said they would reopen on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019. Little did we know that Hurricane Dorian would make landfall on the idyllic paradise that Firefly Sunset Resort is on – Elbow Cay – as the most dangerous Category 5 hurricane, carrying the strongest winds in recorded history for the northwestern Bahamas.

Lorenzo and the hard-working staff know the intense preparation that goes into hurricane prep. Most of the staff are native Bahamians; and hurricanes and the prep that comes with these storms is something they’ve endured since they were children. Many of them also have worked in the hospitality industry for years, so their extensive knowledge on guest evacuations, structure stability, supplies needed, and more.

They worked overtime to secure the resort. But even with their professional preparedness, they could never imagine a monster hurricane with wind guests at 220mph beating Firefly and Elbow Cay. This is just one headline that makes you cry to read it. “Hurricane Dorian unleashes 220-mph wind gusts as it slams Bahamas:

As of today, 9/2, The cell service is very spotty (if any) as the hurricane is still slowly hovering over Grand Bahama and Abaco is still being lashed with storms. Ann Irvin sent me these photos this am. And they’re hard to look at.

According to Ann, “Georgia Peach is 3/4 gone …the resort looks bad hit BUT Lorenzo and all the folks that took shelter are safe and alive! Thank you Lord!” We don’t know all the devastation on the island at this time but we thank you for your support. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages have been bombarded (in a fabulous way) with messages of Hope, Help and Love.

***For those wondering how these updates are able to be posted, I (Ryan) have worked for years with Firefly Distillery, Irvin House Vineyards and Firefly Sunset Resort on marketing/PR/social media and more. I am in Charleston and gathering as much information as possible to share with our visitors, friends and families. Please DM me on the Firefly Sunset Resort Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

PLEASE follow the Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue for news and updates!

Tips from Our Visitors

Thanks to our visitors for posting “ROOM TIPS” on TripAdvisor. We love hearing from you!

“Best view is Java Rum and Mint-To-Be; for large groups do Sweet Tea or Georgia Peach.”

Buzzworthy Review

Perfect Place to Maximize Bahamas VacationGreat facility and staff. It has everything you really need for an awesome Bahamas vacation:

Clean, nice, updated cottages. 
Perfect Dock
Great food
Amazing views

The kids loved snorkeling and playing games around the swim beach. Milo kept the kids entertained. There are large live conch, fish and rays right off the dock! The staff helped us with golf cart and boat rentals… would definitely go again.

From TripAdvisor.

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