About Us

Firefly Sunset Resort ~ Elbow Cay, Abaco

Firefly Sunset Resort is a great escape for those who love to travel, fish, scuba and anything on the turquoise waters. Before we opened our doors almost a decade ago, the land the resort currently is on belonged to a Scottish couple. There were several small outbuildings, a cottage and more on this plot of land.

Jim and Ann Irvin, owners of Firefly Distillery in Charleston, SC, vacationed every summer on Elbow Cay and it became their home away from home. Jim is known as one to always keep busy and after his vineyard and distillery were in their own groove, he wanted to build something new. It’s a cute joke between the two of them, even one time Jim mentioning something about buying a ranch in Wyoming or somewhere in the Western US, where Ann laughed at him and said, “Oh no you’re not!”

When they bought the land, Jim wanted to utilize all the outbuildings and cottages’ materials that could be salvaged. At first, it was going to be a spot just for their friends and family to visit but Jim and Ann then saw a bigger picture…why not have a place where we can come with our friends and family but let others enjoy this piece of paradise as well. And that, my friends, is when Firefly Sunset Resort was born.

The resort can accommodate visitors and families of many sizes. The Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea Villas (named after their Charleston-ties) would be the largest. With four bedrooms, four baths and room where the adults could spent time with or away from the kids. The cottages – Firefly, Butterfly, Dragonfly – were all designed with the same two bedroom/two bath layout. Keeping with the cottage layout, the honeymoon suite, Mint-Two-Be, has an extra special view and a private plunge pool overlooking the Sea of Abaco.

Firefly Bar and Grill was also built during this time. However, it wasn’t until they hired Lorenzo Barrigelli, a talented hotel manager, it became “quite a buzz”. Lorenzo, now managing partner, along with his wife, Patty (a native of Hope Town), who runs the boutique, events, marketing and operations live on Elbow Cay; their daughter, Emma, can be seen around the resort often. Since Lorenzo and Patty have come onboard they have raised the bar at Firefly Sunset Resort including:

  • Creating The Boutique at Firefly, offering some of the most unique leisure ware and gifts
  • Revamping Firefly Bar & Grill, adding Sushi nights, expanded menu
  • Adding special events and festivals, like Songwriters In Paradise
  • Hosting weddings, expanded the beach and dock to accommodate more boats and much more.
  • Brought personal trainers on-site to add a fitness aspect
  • Created a concierge service
  • Worked with local schools and fire departments to raise funds for more equipment
  • Hosted fashion shoots and fashion shows
  • And overall created a resort where visitors come back year after year

Thanks for checking out our story. We hope to see you soon!